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Election for the 2019 Timber Framers Guild Board of Directors September 24, 2018-October 24, 2018

All TFG Members in good standing will receive an electronic ballot via simplyvoting. If you have not received your electronic ballot, please check your spam folder. If you do not have an email address on file with the Guild you will receive a paper ballot.

Please direct any questions to the Guild office 360-746-6571 or cassandra@tfguild.org

Members of Board of Directors
As defined in the bylaws of the Guild, the duties of the directors (individually and collectively) are to:

Call for Instructors for the ClearWater Farm Lead Team

Rob Geoghegan-Morphet, a native of London, Ontario, has agreed to be the project manager.  Steve Lawrence of Vancouver Island has agreed to be the assistant project manager.  Jason Gibson, of Gibson Timber Frames in Perth, ON, a 20 year-old company, a veteran of 17 years of teaching timber frame workshops as part of his business model, and the person who suggested that this be built as a Guild project, also is a member of the core team.  

Right now we are seeking three additional leadership team members. Nominations will be open until July 5th ​​​​​​.

Nominations Now Open: 2018 Board of Directors

Nominations Now Open: 2018 Board of DirectorsIn an effort to encourage a more thoroughly representative slate of candidates, the Nominations Committee asks that members submit nominees for positions on the 2018 TFG Board of Directors “by petition.” This is a provision of our bylaws intended to benefit members.

Thirty years of OakBridge

This year, OakBridge Timber Framing is celebrating their 30th anniversary. The company has built more than 320 homes in 24 states, 2.2 million bd.ft of timber has passed through the shop, and through their tree replenishment program, they plant about 750 trees annually.

POSTPONED: Timber Grading Training Course

The Timber Grading Training Course has been postponed due to planning and time constraints. However, through discussion with the course planners, it has been determined that the course will be offered next fall, likely in September or October. We regret having to postpone the event, but that gives you a chance to sign up early for the rescheduled course! We have not set the dates yet, but if you’d like us to put you on the list for the next wood grading course - or to notify you when the course is finalized - please contact the Guild at info@tfguild.org.

Bruce Lindsay presents in Istanbul.

Guild member Bruce Lindsay, of North Vancouver, B.C., gave a presentation in Istanbul, Turkey, in March 2015, at a symposium on restoration and conservation of Timber Structures.  This meeting was sponsored by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Dept. of Cultural Assets.  Bruce's talk on cross-functional teams featured the Pemberton Market Barn, a May 2015 Guild project.

Schuylerville, Community Building Project forums 

Schuylerville, Community Building Project forums 

A forum is now available for each phase of the project for participants to communicate with each other. This is a good place to post about rideshares, meetups, etc.  If you have questions for staff, please contact the TFG office.  
Find the them HERE.   (You may have to set up an account and log on if you haven’t already).  

TFG Companies

For over thirty years the Timber Framers Guild has been the center of the timber frame community. Throughout this span, the Guild, through its name and its brand, has been a leader in developing Timber Framing as a known and coveted style of home and structure, all the while creating and nurturing a unique and extraordinary community of craftsmen, designers, business owners and enthusiasts. 

Restoration Specialists Needed

We get frequent requests from folks seeking help restoring various buildings. Sometimes it’s a barn, sometimes a mill, sometimes a house or a church.  Sometimes the building needs to be dismantled, moved and reassembled, and sometimes the timbers are available to a new owner. While all y’all restoration specialists should join TFG Companies and market your services that way, until you do, we need a way to help folks get the services they need. So please send us your particulars. Include any particular specialties you may practice and the geographic range where you work.

2016 Trade Show registration is live

The Timber Framers Guild invites you to promote your organization to timber framing practitioners and enthusiasts​ through­out North America and beyond who​ are gathering at our conference.​ This years’ conference is in the heart of timber framing country and follows an exciting TFG community building project in Schuylerville, NY. We are expecting a large and enthusiastic attendance.

Schuylerville, New York Community Building Project Registration is Open

Join us as we help to build the Champlain Canal Region Gateway Visitors' Center in Schuylerville, New York. The Visitors' Center will serve as the starting point for people wishing to visit the historic sites of the upper Hudson Valley. 
Register HERE for Phase 1 – the first floor walkout/timberframe - August 8-12. 
Register HERE for Phase 2 – The timber frame fabrication and hand raising - September 5-15.

TFG/ TFEC sponsored research project in development

The Timber Frame Engineering Council and TFG have inked a two-year research contract with the University of Wyoming and Brigham Young University to develop a better understanding of how stand-alone timber frame structures (e.g., open pavilions) perform under earthquake (seismic) loading.  The first phase of the project includes testing of full-scale timber frame assemblies with mortise and tenon joinery.  The second phase of the research will investigate complex collapse simulations.  The results of the research will be seismic performance factors that structural engineers need to design sa

Recording of 4/20/16 Search Engine Optimization webinar

The TFG provided a great webinar to help the Timber Framing Community increase the SEO of their websites. We received very positive feedback from participants.  If you missed the webinar and would like to view it and/or download a PDF of the PowerPoint, you can do both HERE.  The next webinar topics will be: Keyword Research & Targeting, Link Building, and Social Media.  Visionary Partner members will receive invitations when they are offered.

Re-envisioning Scantlings

Since the  Weekly Guild Notes are now meeting the need for real-time updates and member engagement, we have the opportunity to expand the scope of Scantlings to focus on "the work of the Guild and the work of its members." We can feature projects, discuss work details, and tell the stories we all know are out there.

So let's start with stories! We know you have a bunch of them and since none of us are getting younger, it’s time to get them on recordScantlings is the perfect venue.


By Ellen Gibson

The second day of the NH Old House and Barn Expo. was as full and busy as the first. The TFG “booth”, consisting of a staging area for the shed building and 2 display tables, was a constant draw for the attendees and we were fielding questions, giving advice, passing on Guild info. and chatting with fellow enthusiasts all day.