Brenda Baker ((2016-2021))
Board President

When Frank and I first started Riverbend Timber Framing in 1979, there wasn’t a Timber Framers Guild. We just loved timber framing. Frank’s grandfather built an incredible timber frame home in the late 1940s so that was clearly the only option when we were planning our own home. So we built our own house and then began Riverbend and later Insulspan. I think my degree in psychology and time as a social worker and flight attendant may have given me some idea of what I was getting into, but most of it was figured out as we went along.

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Brenda Baker, Board President
Bo Foard (2019-2020)

In the spring of 1985, I toured an open house of a new timber frame home in Annapolis, Maryland. That singular experience lead me to hit the road in a 1968 travel trailer, going from job site to job site installing structural insulated panels on timber frame homes all over New England. By the end of that year I had worked on frames built by Benson, Brookes, and Buffton, all legends in the revival of the art timber framing. And that was just the B’s! Timber framing led me to panels and panels led me right back to timber framing where the company I founded in 1993, Foard Panel Inc.Read more »

Bo Foard
Steve Lawrence (2017-2019)

I have had a varied career. Starting with an apprenticeship in metal working as a fabricator and machinist, I moved into logging and arborist work before starting my timber framing career with Carpenter Oak & Woodland in 1990. I am co-owner of Macdonald & Lawrence Timber Framing and have been operating this timber frame business for more than 10 years since moving to Canada from the UK in 2005.

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Steve Lawrence
Autumn Peterson (2017-2019)

It is such an honor for me to serve on the board and to help the Guild thrive and expand in a positive and productive way. My experience with the Guild began in 2006, when the company I worked for, Goshen Timber Frames, sent their entire shop to the Guild conference. I was a new timber framer and designer, recently completing my timber framing apprenticeship, having only worked for the company less than a year before I joined the Guild.Read more »

Autumn Peterson

Directors at Large

Sandy Bennett (2019-2021)

My first introduction to timber frames was when I was a teenager whose summer jobs included putting up hay and straw (there is a difference) in the lofts of some massive local barns. I didn't really appreciate the work these structures were doing until later in life, probably after I had earned my engineering degree, by steadfastly holding those bales until they could be used, one by one, to bring the animals through what at that time were the snowy months of a Michigan winter.Read more »

Sandy Bennett
WILL DENTON (2020-2022)

I started timber framing after coursework with James Mitchell in log and timberwork at the Island School of Building Arts. After my stint in British Columbia, I went on to schooling at the American College of the Building Arts (ACBA) under Bruno Sutter and received a Bachelors of Applied Sciences with a major in timber framing. After graduating, I moved up and down the east coast as a timber framer, and became a journeyworker in the Guild’s Apprenticeship Training Program (ATP). I have spent the last five years working at Trillium Dell and am currently Lead Site Manager.Read more »

Janet Kane (2019-2021)

I came into the world of timber framing relatively late. Before becoming an engineer I was a classroom teacher, worked in academics, and spent a couple of years in the restaurant business.

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Janet Kane
Bill Keir (2018-2020)

I discovered timber framing and converted to carpentry during two years in the Hamptons, then won a fellowship to spend three months in 1990 working with New England–based timber framers. It was an epiphany. This is when I first joined the TFG. As a former mason and drystone waller, I had been working with a (very small) framing company called Carpenter Oak & Woodland in the UK, where we built frames from rough sawn (and only roughly square) green oak, which we scribed together. We did it all by handsaw, or brace and bit, no power tools.

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Bill Keir
Eric Morley (2017-2021)

Eric Morley was quite literally born into construction. 54 years ago, the Liberian Mining Company (located in Bomi Hills, Liberia, in western Africa) wished to purchase a new Caterpillar D-8 tractor. There was a trade-in involved, and as is often the case, both parties had not yet reached an agreement as to the trade-in value. Because Bomi Hills was a company town, the mining company also owned the hospital which boasted a new birthing center.Read more »

Eric Morley
Dana Southworth (2018-2020)

The Guild has had its hooks in me for over half my life. I would like to try to give back to an organization that has captivated and benefited me, my family, and our small business since the early 1990s. Participating in the notching, raising, and roofing of Ed Levin’s neatly designed pavilion for Franklin Pierce University at the 1993 TFGNA workshop in Rindge, New Hampshire, helped set that hook. On-going involvement in Guild activities, both up close and from afar has kept the hook set.

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Dana Southworth
Steve Thomas (2018-2020)

I’m of course best known for my work in television, as host of “This Old House” on PBS, host and producer of “Renovation Nation” on Discovery’s Planet Green, and host and producer of “Save Our History” on the History Channel.

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Steve Thomas
Andrea Warchaizer (2017-2019)

In the spring of 1990, as a flat broke and professionally-unmoored recent graduate of architecture school, I made the morally dubious decision to sneak into a few sessions at the Timber Framers Guild conference in Troy, NY. I was enthralled with the work I saw, and the attitude toward work and craft expressed by those I met. At some point that weekend, I had a lovely chat with Tedd Benson, who invited me to come see the shop—and became my employer for the next three years. Such was my introduction to the world of timber framing.Read more »

Andrea Warchaizer


Executive Director

East Greenwich, Rhode Island

Administrative Assistant

Easthampton, MA

Administrative Assistant

Easthampton, MA

Allison Aurand

Bellingham, Washington

Michael Cuba

Stockton, New Jersey

Adam Miller

Newbury, Vermont

Kenneth Rower
TIMBER FRAMING Editor Emeritus

Newbury, Vermont

Cassandra Davies
Associate Director

Bellingham, Washington

Megan Starr
Associate Director

Bellingham, Washington